Listing Gain In IPOs

  1. Average Listing gains from an IPO is just 5% in Year 2015. (Average from 2004 onward stands at 24%)
  2. There were 20 IPOs, 2 are yet to list. (Dr Lal & Alkem Lab).
  3. Power Mech Project, which was highly oversubscribed but gave listing loss.
  4. SH Kelkar, was not so oversubscribed, in fact in retail it was just 0.5 times, but gave listing gain of 15%. Similar, was the case with Indigo.
  5. All other IPOs, which gave significant listing gains were highly oversubscribed, thereby reducing chances of allotment to say 1 out of 4, for retail investor. (Syngene, VRL Logistic, Inox wind).

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