Going by the History Book of Stock’s Monthly Return…

Going by the History Book of Stock’s Monthly Return…


I cannot firmly say history repeat itself with reference to stock market, but there are few interesting noticeable facts which one finds when he looks  at the F&O stocks performance during the month of February for past 16 years.

Pharma stocks goes down in February month. During 2000 to 2015, Cipla fell 14 times in Feb month and rose just 2 times. Torrent Pharma posted negative monthly return 12 times, and 3 times positive return. Aurobindo fell  11 times, and rose 5 times.

Rcom, which is listed for around 9 years, have posted loss in all the Februarys . And the magnitude of loss is significant. Let see if Feb-2016 is different this time?

Asian Piants, Tata Chemicals, Ceat, Engineers India are other which are more likely to post loss in Feb (as they fell 11 times of 16).

On the positive side, Bajaj Finance is the company which posted 12 times positive return.

ACC, Motherson and Gail India were gainer 11 times out of 16.

Kaveri seeds, which is listed for 8 years, posted just once marginal negative return.

One can look performance for his stocks in this file. Monthly_Return_Analysis_2016


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