Consider Outsourcing

Consider Outsourcing your Desk Work

Why to employ a full time person for a desk work? which doesn’t require too much application of minds. You can outsource such work to me.

Believe me, I’ll try my best to prove helpful to you. You can go through this website to assess my capabilities.

Cost is always a key point in taking any financial decision. Outsourcing work to me is going to be very cost effective, compare to employing a full time MBA, which easily cost anything around 5-10 lakh per annum. Additionally, you can discontinue the services as an when needed, which is relatively difficult when you employ someone on payroll.

You can take me along with you in whichever organization you move. Again an added advantage.

Disadvantage: I can communicate with you only through mails that may be a biggest disadvantage, as some time people like to meet in person or atleast wish to speak over phone, as it’s easy to communicate what you exactly want.


Vidhika Bairathi