Report Name
1. Market PULSE 
2. Tracking Stock Price Performance with Various Time Frames 
3. Equity Market PE, PBV and Yield as Reported by BSE, NSE 
4. Stock Valuation Guide 
5. Hist. Prices of All NSE Listed Stocks (Data in an Excel File) 
6. On-going Result Season 
7. Portfolio of Big Investors Chg 
8. Fund Holding Chg 
9. Equity Capital History 
10. Quoted Investment Details 
11. Product-wise Sales Break-up 
12. Raw Material Consumption 
13. Top Management 
14. Subsidaries Details 
15. Bussiness Group 
16. Age of Companies 
17. Auditors 
18. Credit Rating of Companies 
19. Index Constituents 

4 thoughts on “Others

  1. Hi

    I am trying to download the excel file which has the historical prices of all NSE stocks. The link is not working. Can you please update it? Thanks a lot.



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